Style Talks E-Gift Card Terms and Conditions

Your E-Gift Card number may be used to
purchase any merchandise in our on-line store. You may not
add value back onto this E-Gift Card, nor redeem it for cash
or apply it as payment or credit to a credit card account.

When you make a purchase with your
E-Gift Card number, the value of your purchase plus any
shipping/handling fees and sales tax, if applicable, will be
automatically deducted from your balance. You may check
any remaining value by calling 877-788-7455. Please note
that we are unable to scan barcodes from cell phones and
mobile devices at this time.

Please safeguard your Style Talks E-Gift Card number. The
bearer is responsible for its loss or theft. If your E-Gift Card
is lost or stolen, and you have proof of purchase, we will
issue you a replacement for the balance shown on our
records. Your Style Talks E-Gift Card number is required for
all inquiries. E-Gift Card numbers do not expire.
If you need assistance, please call Customer Service at
877-788-7455. Your E-Gift Card number is required for all